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Her Story

Latonya has endured abuse, rejection, and abandonment throughout her life. In her life, she has felt that she has had to shrink or be invisible. Many counted her out when she became pregnant at the tender age of fifteen. She did not let this stop her; her grandmother moved from Chicago to become apart of her support system.


Latonya quickly found out that being a parent would require all of her. While she did finish high school on time, it wasn't easy. She learned how to provide for her son, but emotionally, she did not fully connect with him.


Latonya attended Indianapolis University-Purdue University in Indiana (IUPUI), with her focus being computer technology. She attended three semesters and stopped attending, realizing she needed a full and part-time job to ensure her son and herself had what was required.


As life went on, Latonya soared in her career, and it was during the height of what seemed like a great life, she would experience the greatest heartbreak. She quickly discovered she carried a lot of baggage and needed to be healed and delivered from past trauma.


During her healing journey, the Lord called her into the gospel ministry and confirmed her purpose according to Isaiah 61:1-7. Latonya would experience two pregnancies during this journey; both ended in abortion, which extended her deliverance and healing journey.


She would quickly learn that Romans 8:28 is true for her. Latonya has experienced healing, forgiveness, deliverance from shame, guilt, low self-esteem, people-pleasing, ministry hurt, and

much more!

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